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Tire Prep

We have a very versatile and effective line of tire treatment that is easy to use and will cover most types of track surfaces and scenarios that any good tire program needs. It has worked well on Burris, Maxxis and Vega's, as well as car tires such as Hoosier, Goodyear, and American Racer. It is guaranteed to reduce lap times and improve the performance of racing tires.

Mellott Performance Tire Treatment

  • MP1 - Hard track prep used internally and/or externally to add bite and condition the tire.
  • MP2 - Medium prep which will soften slightly and condition the tire more than MP1.
  • MP3 - More aggressive prep used to soften and make the tire fire easier. Adds good bite to the tire, used a lot with Maxxis and hoosier tires.
  • MP4 - Softener used for wet and cold conditions. Will also add a lot of bite to the tire.
  • Maxx Bite - A high bite prep that will add a ton of grip into your tires. Used mainly at the track to provide extra surface grip when needed but can be used through the week to help build bite deeper into the tire.
  • Racecar Treatment 1 - This treatment is used internally as well as externally, it will not soften the tire and is great for conditioning the rubber, and adding grip.
  • Racecar Treatment 2 - This is a more aggressive treatment for car tires, it will soften some and also adds more grip than the other treatment and helps the tire fire off.

All of our treatment is available in either Quart or Gallon containers.

Racecar treatments are also available in 5 gallon pails.

Feel free to call us at 717-375-8791 or send us a message on our Mellott Performance Facebook page for any questions.